These web pages are constructed to provide an overview of my new HO-scale layout design. The layout is a freelanced design with a geographic orientation of central Pennsylvania. It is a short line railroad with car float services from an on-layout car float dock to local and up-river non-modeled local small industries.

I took a little different tact in developing these web pages. During the development of the layout I developed several sets of standards, rules, and non-track plans to guide me in my endeavor. Since I had these available and had found them very useful I've included many of these throughout these web pages.

The photos below show the portion of my Susquehanna Valley Line (SVL) Railroad which I completed in January 2016 in preparation for judging for the NMRA Achievement Program Scenery Certificate.


Car Float
scenery area
Overall scenery area on the SVL prepared for the NMRA AP Scenery Certificate
Approach Track
Riverside Yard
Newberry Industrial Area
    Old Growth Tree Stand
           Dynamited Wall
           Stream closeup. Photo by S. Brann
           Cleanout Track

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