SVL Track Plans

This web page shows various of the staging and main level track plans that were developed between the initial and the “final” plans shown below. A lot of “let‘s try this” and other iterative designs were done; but those shown here reflect some of the more succinct design changes.

Staging Level Plans

The staging level of the SVL layout represents the large PRR yard at Enola PA. From an operations point of view the following cities are represented by this yard - Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO, and Richmond, VA. Along the way down from the main level, which is located in my hometown of Williamsport, PA, trains pass through Shamokin Dam, PA, and Duncannon, PA.

In an article probably in Model Railroader I read about an interesting concept or putting the single ended staging tracks each on a different level / tier. I decided to incorporate this tiering into my staging level design and made each tier 3/8" higher than the previous one. Unfortunately I should not have trusted my recollection but instead gone back to the original article and if so I would have found that the author used 3/4" separation between the levels / tiers of his staging yard. This tiering can be seen in Figure 1 on the Construction page.

KC Stage 10 diagram   Stage 13a diagram
Staging level design taken to the Kansas City NMRA convention in 1998.

                    Keeps the seven staging tracks, makes good use of space on the left side,
uses simple ladder and get's rid of the highly misplaced turntable. Adds
a 20-inch radius John Armstrong “Reverted Loop” to the design.
Uniform 3-inch minimum track center spacing. Approx. 09/1998

Stage 31a diagram   Stage 78a diagram
Straightens out simple ladder. “Reverted Loop” radius changed to 21.5
inches. Uses newer access point from main level track. Approx. 03/1999
           Final Design  Changed to just 6 staging tracks. “Reverted Loop” radius
changed to 22.125-inches. Moved start of turnout ladder to the left
slightly. Layout edge changed to match main level design. 2.5-inch
track center spacing.

Main Level Plans

The main level of the SVL is based in my home town of Williamsport, PA, although I did not try to replicate any exact trackage from that area. The PRR and Reading railroads each had a large presence in Williamsport in the 1952 era of my layout. The main level track design underwent many many more iterations than did the staging level shown above. In some of the “working / in process” track plans shown below not all the track lines may be connected. The first diagram presents the named areas on the SVL and is presented as a reference for captions below the succeeding track plans.

Named areas on the SVL main level track plan

                    Main level plan shown at 1998 NMRA Convention

This plan from approx. October, 1998 corrects the first four of the
comments that my mentor / friend Bruce made on the plan I took to
the Kansas City NMRA convention.

                    Removed the crossover on the main lines tracks on the left side of
the layout. Relocated the turntable to the end of the peninsula.
Changed to one lead coming out of the Riverside Yard. Moved the access
track to the staging level to be outside the main line tracks. Made room
for car float dock etc. Moved the Pine Street siding tracks to be above
the main line tracks and made siding double ended. Approx. 11/1998.

Rounded end of peninsula. Added whisker tracks off of turntable.
Removed the branch line up to the farm store. Brought the Newberry
Junction branch line turnoff to the far right side of the layout. Began
tracks into the Front Street Industrial Area. Approx. late 12/1998
                    Moved Newberry Junction branch line turnoff back towards Newberry
and returned branch line up to the farm store. Approx. 05/1999

Reduced the spacing between the left wall and the Newberry Industrial
Area trackage from 5-inches to 3-inches. Added 4-th classification track
to Riverside Yard. Increased number of tracks leading to the Front
Street Industrial Area. Try using Peco turnouts for access to Front
Street Industrial Area. Real turntable has square base. Approx.
mid-December 1999.
                    Delete switchback track at Pine Street. Move Riverside Yard ladder to be
adjacent to A/D tracks. Added turnout to PRR interchange tracks at
Milton. Changed main line turnout configuration at bottom of diagram.

Added 5-th classification track. Added reacher track near car float
apron. Rounded end of peninsula.
                    Final Design Added team track at Front Street. Used Orr street rail
turnouts in Front Street. Enlongated service track. Rotated whisker tracks.
Added 4-th whisker track.